Barbara Bańka
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Barbara Bańka, malarka z Białowieży, painter from Białowieża






Is it a coincidence or a quirk of fate... that I was born in this “great forest"? Or maybe it is part of some plan which the author dropped me into this wonderful place, with his only known reason?

No matter what explanation for the beginning of this relationship I could find, me and the "great forest" we're best friends ever since I can remember. Blending with each other: the “great forest" takes me into its depth and I let it get deep to my thoughts...

This is how my indomitable desire for creating paintings arise. The energy of the "great forest" flows through me in every moment of creation.


                                                                                       Barbara Bańka





You can also watch a documentary from 2017 about my artistic path "All is here".

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