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Barbara Bańka, malarka z Białowieży, painter from Białowieża
23.03.2024 "Impulses" exhibition at Kawiarnia Zachodnia in Białystok


Yesterday, the opening of the "Impulses" exhibition took place in one of my favorite places in Białystok. Kawiarnia Zachodnia showed my paintings, and Miłka Malzahn, in an interesting conversation, asked me about the impulses necessary in the process of creation. The exhibition will be on display at Kawiarnia Zachodnia until the end of April. 




10.07.2023 Art Catalogue SUMMER 2023


The Art Catalogue SUMMER 2023 is already available. It is an overview of newest art works from the end of 2022 and first half of 2023. 


The catalogue is available here:

Art Catalogue SUMMER 2023




29.04.2023 "Spring Awakening" exhibition in Barbara Bańka Atelier


"Spring Awakening" is an exhibition opening the season at Barbara Bańka Atelier. The works presented on it were created at winter of 2022/2023 and include acrylic paintings on canvas and illustrations in mixed technique - watercolor, crayon, ink.


The exhibition presents nostalgic and energizing landscapes from the "Blue Series" launched by the artist in winter, as well as a surprisingly colorful selection of bird illustrations, with the hoopoe as the main character, and a series of kingfishers.


We invite you to watch the exhibition from April 29 to May 6 at Barbara Bańka Atelier in Białowieża, every day from 10:00 to 18:00.






Spring is in the air, so Barbara Bańka Atelier joins the beginning of the tourist season in Białowieża. In April Atelier will be open every Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. Out of these hours and on other days of the week, we invite you to visit Atelier by appointment - phone number 726 486 000.



26.11.2020 The invitation for the premiere of author's Calendar 2021 - Mammals of Białowieża Forest


This is the third original calendar and another opportunity to get to know the organisms living in the Białowieża Forest. After birds and insects, the time has come for the mammals of the Białowieża Forest.

The calendar is a subjective selection of 12 species of mammals - illustrations made by using a mixed technique - a combination of watercolors, ink, colored pencils and charcoal.


I invite you to the premiere of Calendar 2021 on Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

This year (exceptionally due to the situation) the premiere will take place "virtually".


Details coming soon ... :-)




16.10.2019 The invitation for "Bialowieza Forest Insects Calendar 2020" premiere


I would like to invite You this Saturday, October 19th at 5:00 p.m. to Barbara Bańka Atelier for the official premiere of the "Bialowieza Forest Insects Calendar 2020".


In the program of the evening not only the exciting premiere presentation of the Calendar :-), but also the unique opportunity to see all 12 original insect illustrations. It will be a one-day (or rather one-evening) exhibition INSECTS - JEWELS OF THE FOREST.


I also have a special surprise for You! :-) Someone who knows insects the best will tell about the fascinating world of insects in the Białowieża Forest. A well-known entomologist from Białowieża, insect researcher in the Białowieża Forest and other places of the world, a lecturer loved by students, a real nature enthusiast - dr hab. Tomasz Mokrzycki! :-) His "Chatting about insects" will be highlight ot this (coming soon) evening. :-)


I invite you warmly!



15.08.2019 The "Photosinthesis' exhibition in my atelier in Białowieża


"Photosynthesis" is a word that perfectly describes the creative process. From inconspicuous fragments of matter and by using the light I synthesize new complex entities ... paintings!


I invite you to the vernissage of the exhibition "Photosynthesis" to my Atelier in Białowieża on August 15th 2019 at an unusual - morning hour 10:30 a.m.


The exhibition will last until August 18th and during this time Barbara Bańka Atelier will be open to visitors every day from 3 to 7 p.m.


See you there!





27.04.2019 "In swamps and wentalnds" - 2th exhibition in Barbara Bańka Atelier in Białowieża.


"In swamps and wetlands" is a slightly different view of the Białwieska Forest. Wetlands, places flooded with water, difficult to access are real 'flavors' of the Forest. This exhibition is exactly about them.


The exhibition will start on  April 27th 2019 at 6 p.m. and will last until May 5th. On these days Barbara Bańka Atelier will be open to visitors every day from 1 to 5 p.m.



I invite you!





08.03.2019 The exhibition "Bialowieza Forest. Connection." in Theater Art Gallery in Culture and Art Center in Siedlce

In the Theater Art Gallery of the Center of Culture and Art in Siedlce, an exhibition of my paintings under the title "Puszcza Białowieska. Connection." takes place.

"Connection" with nature is important for me to "recharge" my creative powers. I think that each of us needs a nature "recharge" to feel our own existence in the world stronger and to remember at the same time that we are only a little piece of the great big game which nature is.

The vernissage of the exhibition took place on March 7th  2019 at 18:00 and attracted many viewers curious not only about paintings, but also about the Białowieża Forest. I answered all questions about the Forest with the biggest pleasure.

All those who are curious about how my connection with nature translates into the creative vision of reality and in to paintings, I cordially invite you to visit f the exhibition which will last till the end of March.



In the evening where the vernissage of the exhibition took place, I gave an interview for the Wschód Television. I invite you to watch here.


And after the vernissage ended, Agnieszka Osmólska-Ilczuk recorded the interview with me for Podlasie Radio. I invite you to listen this interesting conversation where I share my thoughts about art, Forest and our relation with nature. To listen, click here















fot. Agnieszka Osmólska-Ilczuk




08.02.2019 Exhibition "Prezentations" in Marchand Art Gallery


Another exhibition at the Marchand Art Gallery in Bialystok and another opportunity to show my paintings along with the works of other well-known and respected artists.

At February 7th  the opening of the exhibition titled "Presentations" took place.

I show a fragment of the Bialowieza Forest in a painting form on it. The image "Spruce trunk in green 3" in Marchand "presents" itself great. :-)









fot. Grzegorz Radziewicz



07.12.2018 Vernissage of the "Theater of Life" exhibition at the Marchand Art Gallery


The opening of the "Theater of Life" exhibition at the Marchand Art Gallery attracted a large audience. It was worth to see what similarities between life and theater were captured by artists and presented in their paintings.


At this exhibition I presented one painting entitled "Winter Alders Dance."

Trees are often treated as scenography of events. For me, they are main roles players more often.







fot. Grzegorz Radziewicz



03.12.2018 The invitation for the vernissage of the exhibition "Theater of Life" in Marchand Art Galerie


On Thursday, December 6 at 18:00, I warmly invite you for the opening of the "Theater of Life" exhibition at the Marchand Art Gallery in Bialystok. This will be another collective exhibition with my participation.


How nice it is to show paintings in good artistic company!


I invite you!




09.11.2018 Relation from the verissage of the exhibition "Shades of Freedom i Marchand Art Galerie


This year the hundredth anniversary of regaining independence became an inspiration for the collective exhibition "Shades of Freedom" at the Marchand Art Gallery. The vernissage attracted big audience. This time it was possible to see how different artists interpret the abstract concept of freedom.





fot. Grzegorz Radziewicz



05.11.2018 The opening of exhibition "Shades of freedom" in Marchand Art Gallery


On Thursday, November 8th at 18:00, I invite you to the Marchand Art Gallery in Białystok for the vernissage of the collective exhibition entitled "Shades of Freedom".


I will present one painting, which symbolizes my sense of freedom - artistic and internal - spiritual.


It is worth to see how the well-known and respected artists interpreted this interesting subject.


I invite You!





31.10.2018 Afternoon Coffee with Milk


Polish Society for the Protection of Birds organizes regular open meetings for bird lovers under the original title of "Afternoon Coffee with milk" (oryginal polish title is "Popołudniowa KAWKA z mlekiem"). In Polish "Kawka" word had double meaning. It is coffee but also Western jackdaw bird. :-)


I will be pleased to tell the participants of the meeting on November 15th in Białystok about how I create bird illustrations. Where do I get inspiration from? How is the illustration process going? Who are my bird characters?


See you at the  "Afternoon coffee with milk"!





14.10.2018 The big opening of the atelier in Białowieża

It was a great evening.

25.09.2018 New exhibition "Immersion" and opening of my new atelier in Białowieża


With the biggest pleasure, I invite all art lovers for the opening of my new atelier in Białowieża.


On October 13th, 2018 at 5:00 p.m., the opening of the exhibition "Immersion" will inaugurate the atelier's activity and it will be first of many upcoming events that will take place here.


Atelier will serve me not only as a place of artistic work, but above all as a space for presenting my work, conducting art workshops, drawing lessons and other artistic events. Its interior will be full of my paintings and with the greatest pleasure I will invite you to watch them during open days of atelier and individual meetings. This is the place for talks about art and the inspiring power of nature .


I warmly invite you to the vernissage and the opening of the atelier. Let's meet there!


Barbara Bańka's Atelier - Stoczek 148, Białowieża.





10.08.2018 My birds in "Kresy" gallery


I invite you all to isitv the exhibition "What sings birds in the Bison Land", which takes place in the gallery "Kresy" in Pogorzelce near Białowieża.


The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds.


Not only my birds visited the Gallery. You can also see the works of other artists fascinated by their beauty.


I invite you! The exhibition lasts until the end of the summer.


Black bird 2018, from the cycle "Białowieża Forest Birds Calendar"

watercolor on paper, 25 x 20 cm


27.03.2018 Evening with me and my art at Kawiarnia Zachodnia in Białystok


I cordially invite you to Kawiarnia Zachodnia in Bialystok at 6th of April at 6 p.m. Kawiarnia Zachodnia is art and nature friendly place that invited me and my paitings for all evening that day. In the evening program there is also display of Beata Hyży-Czołpińska's documentary "Przecież tu jest wszytsko" made last year in Białowieża. It is going to be great evening!

The number of places is limited.




23.03.2018 Vernissage of the "Mystery" exhibition at the Marchand Gallery


"Mystery" is another exhibition at the Marchand Gallery, in which I have the pleasure to participate. One of my paintings found itself among other mysterious works of artists from Poland and abroad.


This time I could not be at the vernissage, but the pictures show that it was (as always) a enjoyable evening.


I invite you to visit the "Mystery" exhibition at the Marchand Gallery in Białystok.







fot. Grzegorz Radziewicz



20.03.2018 Mysterious exhibition in Marchand Gallery...


In Marchand Gallery (Białystok city) at Thursday (March 22th) at 6 p.m. the opening of the exhibition "Mystery" will take place.


This is another collective exhibition organized by the Marchand Gallery, in which I participate. I will be pleased to show one work among the works of many other well-known and respected artists from Poland and not only. My mysterious Forest painting is already waiting to be discovered. :-)


I cordially invite you.





08.12.2017 Vernissage of the exhibition "Winter" at the Marchand Art Gallery in Białystok


Last night in Białystok the opening of exhibition "Winter" took place. It is already 2th time when I participate in exhibition organised by Marchand Art Gallery.This time there is 25 artists presenting 50 artworks. My works on exhibition are: "Reserve in winter" and "Memory".


It is the last exhibition in Marchand this year. You can see it until the end of December. I invite you to visit it.:-)







fot.: Grzegorz Radziewicz


06.12.2017 The Invitation to the opening of the "Winter" exhibition at the Marchand Art Gallery


I warmly invite you to the opening of the next exhibition with my participation in the Marszand Art Gallery in Białystok tomorrow at 18:00. This time, the theme and title of the exhibition is "Winter".


I love the snow mood and many of my works "blow the winter cold" ... I will be pleased to present two of my paintings tomorrow: "Reserve at Winter" and "Memory".

I invite you to watch  them "live".




03.11.2017 Reportage "Hear yourself" in Radio Białystok


Today Radio Bialystok aired the reportage "Hear yourself" by Beata Hyzy-Czołpińska.

In the program I tell not only about art but also about my life way and what I am looking for in the Forest ...

I invite you to listen to the reportage:



fot.: Beata Hyży-Czołpińska


27.11.2016 The report from the opening of the exhibition "Between fall and spring" aired by Radio Białystok

On Sunday, November 27th, Radio Białystok aired the report from the  opening of the exhibition of my painting "Between the fall and spring" in programme "Travels in Culture".

I invite you to listen this report on the website of Radio Bialystok:

The exhibition "Between fall and spring" lasts until 16 December in the Gallery Kiliński 8 in Bialystok, and it is organized by the Regional Centre for Cultural Animation.

23.11.2016 Opening of the exhibition "Between fall and spring"

My new exhibition "Between the fall and spring" got officialy open at Tuesday, 22 November 2016 in Gallery Kilińskiego 8 (Bialystok, Poland). The Regional Centre of Culture Animation in Białystok is the organizer of this event.

I would like to thank you all for this wonderful evening: the organizers, many guests, friends and all those who helped me in the preparation and promotion of the event. Białystok audience was great, and I think this evening was the great pleasure the same for all guests as it was for me. Thank you all very much for sharing with me feelings about my paintings. It is very motivating. Thank you for the wonderful reception of my art.

This coming Sunday, November 27 on the air of regional RADIO BIAŁYSTOK in between 9 a.m. and 12 a.m. there wuill be program "Travels in the culture" which will broadcast the report from the opening of the exhibition. I invite you all to listen. :-)

I also invite you to see the full photos report from the opening on my profile on Facebook:

The exhibition "Between the fall and spring" will continue in the Gallery Kilińskiego 8 in Białystok until 16 December.

You are cordially invited!



17.11.2016 The exhibition "Between fall and spring"

This coming Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at 6 p.m. in the  Gallery Kilińskiego 8 in Białystok there will be an opening of exhibition of my paintings "Between fall and spring."

Event is organized by the Regional Centre of Culture Animation in Białystok.
I cordially invite you to come for the opening and viewing the exhibition, which runs until 16 December 2016.

All paintings on this exhibition shows Podlasie region in winter season. You will find on them everything between cool autumn gray mood days till my beloved early spring thaws. Winter is inevitable, but how beautiful!

I cordially invite you!



23.09.2016 "Białowieża forest - not only green" - the exhibition in The Museum of Białowieża National Park

In The Museum of Bialowieza National Park takes a place an exhibition of my paintings "Bialowieza Forest - not only green." At its opening last Saturday 17 September at. 16:00 came a large group of art lovers. So I had the opportunity to talk about my inspirations and explain the enigmatic title of the series of paintings.

The color is the key world of this exhibition. Simply because the Forest is not just green! The colors transform from one to another, sometimes very fast, sometimes slow during the long-lasting processes. Capture the changing colors forest became my main motive while working on this exhibition.

I evite everybody to visit the exhibition, which will last till 3th November 2016.
Photos of all 20 paintings presented on the exhibition can be found on my website - here. They are marked with the description "On exhibition".

I invite you also to see photos from the opening on my facebook profile:



02.12.2015 Preparations for exhibitions of 2016


When one year comes to an end, it is time to plan the next one. Long evenings of December are great time to rethink and prepare for the upcoming events. 2016 will be full of creative work and will bring me two individual exhibitions.

Museum of Bialowieża National Park invited me to show my paintings for the second time. I will present you my artistic vision of an infinitely complex, natural beauty of Bialowieża Forest.

The Cultural Animation Center in Bialystok will show my works for the first time. And here the leading subject of exhibition will be my favorite topic - Bialowieża Primeval Forest - an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Her beauty lies not only in the actual appearance, but above all in the unlimited possibilities of interpreting what She discovers before our eyes. The exhibition will be an opportunity to introduce you to such "magical" interpretations.

Both exhibitions will take place in the summer of 2016. You will find information about their exact dates soon on my website under the News tab and on Facebook:


20.12.2013 The exhibition "Time enchanted in the trees" in Muzeum of Białowieża National Park


The Museum of the Bialowieza National Park presents the exhibition "Time enchanted in the trees." It is my personal exhibition of paintings, which presents images of the beauty of the trees in Bialowieza Forest. Imagies presents these natural formations both in the growth phase, as well as after death, where the infinite richnes of dead wood formsis enriches theforest landscape. The exhibition aims toshow the beauty of each stage of the life and death of trees, whose shapes are a reflection of the history of previous decades.

Opening of the exhibition took place on 6 September 2013. After the break related to renovations at the Museum, the exhibition isreturned to the exhibition hall and you can see it through the period of Christmas and New Year.


I am inviting everybody!



20.07.2013 The exhibition "ART ANIMALIER - NATURE" MUSEE EXPO in Brux (France)


Briefly next seventh of September an exhibition will be open where you can see my artistic work.

Once again MUSEE EXPO in Brux – France,invited me to present my paintings about nature. The exhibition "ART ANIMALIER - NATURE" will be attended by painters, sculptors and photographers all fascinated by the beauty of the natural world.



16.11.2012 Exhibition "MARCHÉ DES ARTS" in MUSEE EXPO in Brux (France)

Another exhibition which will present my work is coming soon.

This time MUSEE EXPO in French Brux will show six of my paintings. They are going to be presented with works of other artists - painters, sculptors and photographers. The exhibition will be open this Sunday18th November at 10:00 and will last until the end of the year. The Museum is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 6 pm.

09.11.2012 The article on the blog 28' Festival in Menigoute


On the blog of The 28' Festival in Menigoute there is the article about my participation in the exhibition LE SALON D'ART ANIMALIER. The article is in French so I am puting translation below.

"Bialowieza as if you were there.

Barbara Banka exposes in Ménigoute.

Among the events of the festival related to Bialowieza Forest in Poland (photo exhibition, students film from Iffcam, the association "Deux-Sèvres Biala Podlaska" ...), a Polish artist is also present at the Artists Ehxibition in the Nature Forum. Barbara Banka lives since birth in the heart of the Bialowieza Forest, the last primeval forest in Europe 150 000 hectares on the border between Poland and Belarus. 

The artist lives in a unique setting - the unique biodiversity of ecosystems, which have survived for millions of years - among dead trees and 4000 species of fungi! "The moist, cozy and surprising atmosphere", says the artist, is reflected in photography and painting.

However, in contrast to the images that are flat and more scientific, painting can create the material and depth needed to depict the forest, which is the most important for her source of inspiration. Application with spatula or shaping the acrylic with the fingers, are the techniques that she used in her paintings. Absorbed by her paintings the visitors return continuously. Others believe the images are quite disturbing and even aggressive. Forest is a magical place, which is presented like a window of curiosity."





A few days ago came to an end exhibition LE SALON D'ART Animalier, in which I had the pleasure to take part.

The exhibition is part of an annual festival held in Menigoute in France. This year it took place after the 28th time.

The festival is primarily a natural film competition, but also other accompanying events - including an exhibition of the work of painters, sculptors and photographers who present in their art the beauty of the animal world.

From 30 October to 4 November, visitors could see an exhibition of 12 of my works. Five made in my favorite style - acrylic on canvas applied to the trowel and other traditional acrylic paint brush. All were met with great interest and enthusiastic audience evaluation.

Participation in the exhibition among the well-known and respected artists was a great experience. I found not only the partners to discuss about art, but above all make new friends.

I invite you to watch an interview with me during the show:


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